Yokozuwari Treasure Ship Cat

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Yokozuwari (横座り) directly translates to 'sitting sideways'.

This bicolor or tuxedo lucky cat adorns an intricate painting of a treasure ship and the kanji character takara (宝) means treasure on its back. The kanji character fuku (福) means good fortune on its raised right and the Japanese mythical creature minogame turtle on its left paw represents longevity. The golden bell attached to the cat's collar is said to not only be a symbol of treasure, but it is also to attract good fortune.

The raised right hand of the cat is meant to invite wealth and money. Which made it perfect to place in one's home, helping attract wealth onto the household.

Color Meaning: 
Black in a Maneki-Neko is meant to invite protection from evil spirits.

Product Details:
Size: 15×11.5×17(H) cm
Weight: 0.6 kg
Material: Porcelain