How to Order a Lucky Cat


How to order, Step 3 How to order, Step 4
Step 1. 
Order the lucky cat from our online store.
Step 2. 
Upon receiving your order, we will begin the making process. 

Step 3.
After the making process is finish, we will ship them off from our headquarter.

Step 4. 
The time of arrival will depend on it's destination. 

Please note that every cat in our collection is a unique piece of detailed and elaborate handwork. Each one was given a great amount of care and attention by the craftsmen, which allows them to add certain details or make slight changes to the cat according to their expert eyes. 

No two cats are the same, each one is unique to the time it was made and the craftsmen who made it. You can be sure that you will not find the exact same cat you acquire, anywhere else.