Twin Fuji Mountain Kitten Set

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Double the cat, double the luck! Twin cats are beautifully made to be displayed together. Each cat raises a different hand, inviting different luck into your life. The beautiful Fuji Mountain design is the classic imagery that will always remind you of Japan. Mount Fuji is said to represent good fortune, a new beginning, and a brighter future.

The raised right hand of the cat is meant to invite wealth and money. Which made it perfect to place in one's home, helping attract wealth onto the household. While the left paw is an inviting gesture to customers and patrons, making it perfect to be placed in the place of business.

Color Meaning: 
Black in a Maneki-Neko is meant to invite protection from evil spirits.

Product Details:
Size: 7×7×10(H) cm
Weight (approx.): 0.6 kg
Material: Porcelain