Medetai Cat

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めでたい!めで鯛!Medetai! Tai (sea bream in Japanese) is a fish that is eaten during a special celebration. The word Tai can also be derived from the word medetai that means happy or joyous and has a congratulatory meaning. The fish is eaten on medetai occasions such as children's birth or at weddings in the hope of prosperity and happiness.

While the Uchide no kozuchi which literally translates to "Tap-Appear" mallet is a legendary Japanese hammer that is said to have the ability to tap/grant anything you wished.

The bib adorned by the cat is meant to represent an act of veneration and care for the cat by keeping it warm. The golden bell attached to the cat's collar is said to not only be a symbol of treasure, but it is also to attract good fortune.

It says that lucky cats that with their left paw raised in beckoning gesture customers and patrons. This is why this cat is perfect to be placed in a business.

Color Meaning: 
Black in a Maneki-Neko is meant to invites protection from evil spirits.

Product Details:
Size: 7× 8×14(H) cm
Weight: 0.3 kg
Material: Porcelain