Noren Curtain Maintenance Guide

Noren Curtain Maintenance Guide

What to do when your Noren curtains curls?

Noren curtains that are made out of 100% linen fabric, when exposed to a dry environment, the lack of moisture on the natural fibers might cause the edges may curl. This is because of the linen fiber's ability to absorb moisture in a humid environment and releases moisture when it is dry.

This is what you should do when the noren curtain curls:

1. Remove the curtain from its hanger and spray the are of concern with water to moisten the linen fabric. For thicker fabric, make sure that the fabric is moisten sufficiently. 

2. Next, using a high-temperature iron smooth out the curls and wrinkles. For stronger fabric, a higher temperature may be applied. 

After this process, the noren curtain should look like it is back to normal. 

How to wash linen Noren curtain:

Noren curtains generally do not get easily dirty, but if you would like to wash the noren curtains here is how. 

1. Remove the noren curtain from it's hanger and soak it in hot water (30℃ to 40℃) and lightly incorporate a neutral detergent. Light squeezing can be applied to the dirtiest part. Make sure to rinse the detergent thoroughly afterwards

2. Remove remaining moisture by dabbing with a cloth. Smooth out the noren curtains shape and dry it in a shaded area. 

3. While it is still damp use an iron to smooth out any wrinkles.  

After this process, the noren curtain should look like it is back to normal.